Lygend Introduction

                                          Lygend Resource Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading nickel whole industry chain service provider in the world. It was established in January 2009. The company's headquarters is located in the beautiful coast of the East China Sea - Ningbo high tech Zone, Zhejiang Province. Starting from nickel ore and ferronickel trade services, Lygend resources has continuously extended upstream and downstream for many years, thus completing the vertical integration of nickel industry chain. Its business covers nickel ore and ferronickel trade, smelting production, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, park operation and other links.

                                        Corporate Culture

                                          With a corporate strategy of “Globalization, Specialization, and Resource Diversification”, Lygend aims to expand and deepen our presence across the nickel industrial sectors and to build a unified industrial chain.

                                        Social Responsibility

                                          Lygend commits to a better world by undertaking more responsibility, delivering more care and kindness, and inspiring enduring creativity.

                                        Group Segments

                                          Lygend, from “belt and road" to the world, has been carrying out the "power and excellence" and "always without limits" concept, and has responded positively to the "belt and road" development strategy of the country, and has completed the international layout in certain Southeast Asian countries. Domestic business is distributed in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province; Suqian, Jiangsu Province; Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Overseas business is distributed in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. The company's business scope covers nickel ore and ferronickel trading production, and equipment manufacturing and sale. At present, the company's products are widely used in many fields, including new energy batteries, stainless steel alloys, etc. many customers are leading enterprises in their industry.

                                        Latest News

                                      1. Advanced Facilities & Equipment
                                      2. Robust Technical Expertise
                                      3. Comprehensive Service Delivery
                                      4. Global Presence

                                      5. Group Headquarters

                                      6. Shanghai Project Department

                                      7. Suqian Factory

                                      8. Xian Pengyuan

                                      9. Philippines Projects

                                      10. Singapore

                                      11. New Caledonia

                                      12. Indonesia Projects

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